With the trust and support of our business partners, we are hiking to the peak!


 International Logistics Company "Yalçın Trans” was established in Georgia in 2012 to provide transportation services in Georgia and abroad too. In the beginning, serious distances were taken on the way with 1 vehicle and 4 personnel and with the cooperation which was made with the foreign companies, with the investments made in staff, facility, vehicle quality and quantity, we will continue to apply the necessity of Mission starting from 2012.

YALÇIN TRANS offers partial and complete Logistics services from European countries to Turkey, Georgia and Azerbaijan.

Our view of International transportation and logistics

 Nowadays, in Manufacturing great importance is given to the provision and security of the product than in creating it itself.

 With the development and widespread use of technology, production has become possible all over the world.

 In the transport sector of an country, our company is in proportion to the quality of the infrastructural facilities in delivering "cheap, undamaged and timely" to our buyers. The prominence of the companies that provide logistics here is that it is important to the solutions that they produce according to their possibilities and customer needs and the cost that they reflect to the buyer. In this sense, we can see that the logistics industry is a multi-ring chain in its own right, and that each chain is a departure from other sectors, such as the end result of a well-functioning end-effect, and the moment the service is produced.

Inseparable part

Transportation and logistics sector, as mentioned above, each of the rings made with carefulness otherwise would not be able to reach the total benefit. There are main service providers in the sector such as transporter, warehouse, Customs consultancy. Each is a proof of the strength of the ring, which is specialized in its field.
But the trick is that we can see that a good service is not proportional to the size of the service, as big as the business wants, with all facilities at the maximum level, which is not always possible in every unit, all the time and all over the world. Yalcin Trans is able to serve at the optimum level with customer focus in every time and everywhere with its own office and facility which is not affiliated to any organization. Yalçın Trans, which is important in this sense, acting as a guru, we can always give customers everywhere "is the best partner in the lanes."