Our quality policy:

 Our goal is to be one of, and possibly the first, leader in establishing standards and continually upgrading our industry, by organizing our facilities and services according to the needs of our customers, by fully meeting client expectations and beyond reaching a certain standard.

  • Our employees, who are volunteer practitioners of our Quality Policy, should increase their competence with planned training activities
  • We manage all our activities with goals
  • All parties concerned with the effective use of communication means; to have a mutual and continuous learning organization by providing the participation of customers, employees, suppliers and public institutions.
  • When we perform our services, we comply with all relevant sectoral, national and international legislation and rules.
  • We have adopted purchasing policies that support the development of our collaborations with our suppliers and have adopted the principle of continuous improvement for all our activities as our principles.

Our Environmental Policy

With the awareness that one of our most important responsibilities is to leave a clean nature / environment to future generations;
•    We use the latest technologies in our activities.
•    Our waste is not left in nature to pollute the environment.
•    Our waste is collected in suitable areas and given to contracted recycling companies which are certified by the official authorities.