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 International Railway transportation is a type of transport that allows firms to receive services at very low cost in transporting heavy and bulky freight.

 Yalcin Trans is one of the most important railway transport companies in our country. Railway transport is the most important transport service in the world.

 Our company mainly carries rail transport in EU countries, from  Turkey, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkey and Uzbekistan. The transportation is carried out safely at appointed time.

 Railway transportation is an increasingly popular transportation model in recent years due to its dependability, dependency on human beings, reduced risk of error, lowering of competitive costs, advantages on route and environment friendly solution.

 The speed capacities of the vehicles used in the form of railway transportation are in accordance with the type of the transportation service.


International Railway Transportation Offers Some Advantages over Other Transportation Types

  • It is a type of transport that is sensitive to the environment.
  • It is more secure than other transport types.
  • Land road alleviates traffic load
  • In general, there are long-term fixed price guarantees, unlike other transport options.
  • While carrying out international transportation, it is more convenient to cross the border
  • Rail transport is longer than land, but time limited.
  • It is the most suitable type of transport for heavy tonnage and bulky loads.