Enjoy the fast and reliable shipping of your
products all over the world.

 Our logistics Center at the capital of Georgia, Tbilisi ensures safe storage of goods, the customer's comfortable service. Our goal is to justify our customers’ trust.

 By following our reports and our performance criteria, we prefer to see our customers who focus on their core business as a business partner as their logistics department.

Our service includes:

  • Selecting a warehouse according to the need of our customers
  • Warehouse acceptance procedures for products from local and global suppliers
  • Project design and implementation of product and order preparation processes
  • Inventory management with inventory tracking methods
  • Micro and macro distribution and transportation services.


The smallest detail in Yalcin Trans is sometimes enough to make a huge difference. You can get ahead of your competitors with our detailed studies in all our logistics processes.


Yalçın Trans Storage Management is one of the biggest part of all logistics activities. Good management of this slice, determination of sales points at scheduled times, high accuracy rates in stock and order preparation will help to reduce your logistics costs.